Twin turbo installation 4

I don't have any pictures of the turbos this week, my headers are out getting "adjusted" so they adequately clear the sheetmetal valve covers. I guess I should have told Waylon about the oversized valve covers before he built the headers. Obviously I haven't had the headers Jet-Hot coated yet, that will get done as soon as I know everything is going to fit. I need to work on the oil pan too. There has been alot of concern about the elevation of the drain back lines in relation to the oil level in the pan. I'm either going to buy a Moroso pan (JEG'S Part # 710-20182) or modify my pan to work. I'll probably just buy a pan, I don't have time to make mine work. That's about it for this week, hopefully I'll get time to change out the front suspension. I'm installing the tubular a-arms, Hal shocks, and possibly some aftermarket front brakes. Check back soon for more pics! laterz...Brady

Please view the pictures in order, they all have captions.